Discover Wind Walker Homestead

Discover Wind Walker Homestead

You'll never be bored visiting Wind Walker

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Rock Climbing

Maple Canyon (25 mins)

Maple Canyon

A rock climber's paradise! Considered the ultimate location for rock climbing in Utah, Maple Canyon features around 700 bolted routes on conglomerate rock.

ATV Rentals & Trails

Ride Elevated

Great rates for a fun day on the trails. Tell them Joe from Wind Walker sent you!

Skyline Recreation, LLC.

Located in Sterling, UT (25 mins)


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  • Size: 24″ x 36″ – easy to read!
  • Trail difficulty & widths
  • “Don’t miss” ride suggestions
  • Points of interest, Fishing
  • Everything you need to ride
  • Support trail projects
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Fishing & Boating

Palisade State Park (Sterling, Utah - 30 mins)

Looking for a place to launch your boat? Look no further than the scenic Palisade State Park. Whether you're seeking a day of fishing or on-the-water fun you're sure to have a great time.

Lake Hill (Up Skyline Drive from Ephraim - 30 mins)

A scenic and quiet pond with tons of trout for the taking! A simple park and cast location that's incredibly family-friendly. Spinners, spoons, and of course power bait style lures will all do the trick depending on the time of day you visit.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike Trails

Ephraim Skyline Trail 101 MTB

  • Riding Season:  July 4th – October 15.
  • Miles:  101  (paved- 23, gravel/dirt- 78)
  • Start/Finish Elevation:  5,568′
  • Maximum Elevation:  10,920′
  • Elevation Gain/Loss:  12,180′
  • Average Slope:  4.0%
  • Maximum Slope:  11.4%
  • Out/Loop/Back

Riding Locations

  1. Ephraim Canyon
  2. Black Hills
  3. Gunnison Reservoir
  4. Pigeon Hollow, & more!

Maps & Info:  

Snow Mobiling

Skyline Snowmobile Complex

Why The Skyline Snowmobile Complex?

  1. Because it’s Gigantic!   Tens of Thousands of acres of National Forest on the Manti Mountain. 
  2. Because there’s something for everyone- open mountain meadows and steep hill climbs.
  3. Backcountry sledding & boondocking.
  4. Untouched powder.
  5. Riding areas located at 9,000′ to over 10,000′ in altitude.
  6. Easy access via groomed trails.
  7. Scenic Views.
  8. Fresh Mountain Air.
  9. Solitude
  10. Free Mobile Map for your Phone


Manti-La Sal National Forest

Experts say that each canyon along Skyline Drive holds elk. Is there anything more to know? We'd love to host you for your next big hunting trip!